Soap Making

Soap Making Class (Cold Process)

We’ve combined material from our Beginner CP Soap Class and our Advanced CP Soap Class, to give you three hours of insightful instruction for making homemade soap. We provide the ingredients and all the equipment needed to get you started on your first batch of homemade goat’s milk soap, and then move on to a batch of soap involving advanced soaping techniques. We’ll explain how to customize recipes utilizing both a lye calculator and fragrance calculator, and give tips on troubleshooting common problems. We’ll go into detail about using natural and synthetic colorants, fragrance oils and essential oils. We’ll cover hardening agents, explain superfatting, and work with a variety of oils and butters. Cold Process soap making requires soap to cure for 4-6 weeks before using. Protective eye wear and gloves will be provided and is required when working with lye.   Minimum age to attend this class is 13.    

3 hours. $55           Wear or bring a long sleeved shirt and closed-toed shoes.


Advanced Soap Making Workshops (Cold Process)

To enroll in any of our advanced cold process soap workshops, a student needs to have already made soap themselves, or taken our Cold Process Soap Class. Workshops will teach soap recipes that are different, yet more advanced, than those taught in our Cold Process Soap Class. Check our calendar for details on which type of soap is being taught in a workshop.

Some of the techniques/material covered during advanced cold process workshops:

  • creative pouring techniques
  • coloring naturally vs synthetically
  • scenting with essential oils vs fragrance oils
  • embedding
  • rebatching
  • layering
  • herbal and medicinal ingredients
  • incorporating food

Protective eye wear and gloves will be provided and is required when working with lye.  Minimum age to attend any workshop is 13.

2 hours. Starting at $25 PLUS ingredients. No discounts.