Homesteading Classes, Demos & Workshops

Homesteading Demos:  Several of our Homesteading Class topics are offered in the form of short demonstrations. These demos are free, usually running from 30-45 minutes.  There is no minimum age to attend these demos, however, participants need to pre-register, as space is limited.  We will put these on our calendar as we schedule them.

Hands-On Homesteading Classes:  Go behind a homesteading subject and learn the ins-and-outs, the hows and whys, and then get some hands-on experience.  Different from our Workshops, Classes go into the details behind the subject being taught, discussing terms, techniques, history and applications. Along with what you take home, you’ll receive a folder containing relevant notes and recipes. Classes vary in price, from $35-$75, depending on ingredients, supplies, and materials that are needed, and how long it will take to cover the material effectively.  Participants need to pre-register for these, as seating is limited.  Herd Share Members and their immediate family (same household) will receive a 20% discount on all Hands-On Homesteading Classes!  A group discount of 10% per participant is available to groups of 6+ for classes. Private classes outside of our published class schedule can be arranged, upon request.
Hands-On Homesteading Workshops:  If you’ve already been to one of our classes, or just have some good old-fashioned skills and don’t really care about the hows and whys, come join us for our fun hands-on workshops! We skip the theory, terms and techniques from our classes and just dive into making stuff with you! In our Soap Workshops, we make different soap recipes than what is taught in our Beginner Cold Process Soap Class. Naming just a few:  Poison Ivy Soap, Tie-Dye Soap, Blemish Bars, Pine Tar Soap, and Flea Shampoo. In our Herbal Workshops, we make different herbal balms, infusions, tinctures, and other natural products, different from what you’d make in our Herbal Health Class, *plus* we cover current foraging (which changes all the time!). Participants also need to pre-register for these, as seating is limited. Workshops vary in price from $25-$45, plus cost of ingredients/materials, which varies. Sorry, no discount on workshops.
Our Teaching FacilityOur milk processing building, completed in June 2015, doubles as our cheesemaking kitchen and teaching classroom for some subjects. In April 2016, our outdoor porch area was screened in, and built-in bench seating was added. Seating is still however limited by space, so we require pre-registration for all demos, workshops and classes.  Dress is very casual, however, as we do process milk and dairy products in the same building, for classes taught inside the kitchen, we will ask you to leave your shoes at the door – so please bring a clean pair of socks!  Weather permitting, we will also be hosting some demos, workshops and classes outdoors, for topics such as canning, soaping, foraging, trapping and butchering, but these will also have a participant limit.

Call 931-852-4007 or 321-514-4153 to register for classes or the free demos, as space is limited!

E-mail us at if you would like to be added to our mailing list for notification of schedule updates.