Herbal Health

Herbal Health Class

Learn how to prepare therapeutic herbs in the form of teas, decoctions, tinctures, extracts, and salves. We’ll talk about foraging, and what is growing locally, here in the Tennessee Valley. We’ll discuss homemade herbal remedies, and help you put together several seasonal recipes – a gardener’s hand salve in the warm months, and a homemade elderberry syrup to use during flu season. We’ll make a homemade ointment that is much like the familiar Neosporin.   We’ll also make a black drawing salve for pulling irritants (such as thorns, stingers, or splinters) or infections out of the skin.

2 hours. $45


Herbal Health Workshops

In our Herbal Health Workshops, we make different herbal balms, sprays, lotions, ointments, infusions, tinctures, and other natural products, different from what you’d make in our Herbal Health Class. Workshops are geared towards seasonal needs, such as insect repellant in the summertime, and an immune formula in the wintertime.  We cover current foraging (which changes all the time!) during the workshops.

Workshops vary in price from $25-$45, plus cost of ingredients/materials, which varies. Sorry, no discount on workshops.