Chickweed is not only a favorite of our chickens (hence, the name), but I love pulling it up because it is soft and smooth, and it always feels cool to me. It has pretty, small rounded bright green shiny leaves that fold up at night and when it is going to rain. If you gently bend the stem and try to pull it apart, you’ll find an inner core of tight fibers (see next photo). Tiny five-petaled white flowers also aid in identification. IMG_7743

Containing all 8 B vitamins, and high in vitamin C, chickweed has anti-inflammatory, antihistimine, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Chickweed is juicy and excellent in salads, eaten raw like lettuce. The stems, leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible, although the stems can be a bit fibrous. You can lightly steam it or sautee it too, like spinach, just don’t overcook it. It’s delicate. It keeps well in the fridge too!