Colloidal Silver Workshop

This workshop will equip students with the theory and hands-on experience to reliably make high quality, colloidal, capped and ionic silver. Includes instruction on:

  • Preparing and mixing electrolyte and reduction solutions needed to make colloidal silver
  • Proper cleaning of equipment
  • Students will learn the theory and skills to consistently and accurately make their own colloidal silver
  • Going through the steps of actually making capped, ionic and colloidal silver
  • Several comercial colloidal silver making units will be demonstrated as well as homebuilt units
  • Validating student’s proficiency with simple test gear required to make consistent, high quality colloidal silver

Students will keep the colloidal silver that they make during the workshop. Datasheets and handouts will be provided.

Students are encouraged to bring advertisements for, or equipment they have purchased for making colloidal silver. We can evaluate advertisements or equipment for how they operate and potential improvements.

3 hours.  $50