Colloidal Silver “Grid Down” Workshop for Preppers

Consists of a one hour discussion and two hours of hands-on experience. (Note: Students are welcome to bring their own portable solar panels/colloidal silver generator setups. We will test and evaluate output characteristics of all equipment as a learning tool)

Workshop is focused on making colloidal silver as consistently and with as high of quality as possible under grid-down conditions. Workshop will allow students to witness, participate and test various grid-down colloidal silver techniques including:
•    Battery based production
•    Practical process considerations and how to overcome or adapt in difficult scenarios
•    Solar based production
•    Several different solar configurations will be demonstrated
•    Convection Stirring, magnetic stirrers

•    Discussion on suitable water
•    Discussion on concessions that might be relevant in grid-down scenarios
•    Discussion on equipment storage considerations

Students will keep the colloidal silver that they make during the workshop.

Prerequisites for this class: Colloidal Silver Basics, and Colloidal Silver Workshop
3 hours.  $50