Colloidal Silver Basics

Silver, and more recently, colloidal silver, has a long history of use as an antibacterial agent and predates modern antibiotics. Colloidal silver has been gaining a lot of attention lately, both for those who seek alternatives to conventional antibiotics and those who oppose it. As an alternative natural therapy for common health issues, colloidal silver exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which are highly unique today. What are its properties, uses, risks and what is all the conflicting information on the web about? We will discuss different administration methods including topical, oral, nebulizers and misters. How is colloidal silver made and can you make it yourself? What is the difference between colloidal, colloidal capped, and ionic silver? How and when should these variations be used?  Where to purchase colloidal silver and it’s cost. We will briefly discuss the making of silver based creams and ointments. All these topics and more are discussed in this class.  

Although this class is not about how to make your own colloidal silver, we will discuss how to make it and we will make all three variations of colloidal silver during the class.

For a thorough understanding on how to make your own colloidal silver, students should take the “Colloidal Silver Workshop.” In this class students will learn (and make) their own colloidal silver using a variety of equipment and techniques.

 2 hours. $40