Colloidal Gold Class

Consists of 60 minute classroom discussion followed by 60 minute demonstration on the generation of colloidal gold. Optional 60 follow on discussion on monoatomic gold, legend, Bible ties and pineal gland effects
This class is focused on background, uses and the generation of colloidal gold. This class will demonstrate the generation of colloidal gold. Class will cover:

  • What is colloidal gold?
  • What are its purported benefits? Two most often reported include:
    • Improved mental performance
    • Arthritis relief
  • My experiences with it
  • How it is made
  • Equipment requirements
  • What others report with their experiences

Class ends at this point but for those who are very interested in the subject, a 60 minute after class discussion on:

  • Monoatomic (or monatomic) gold, ORMUS – history, claims
  • Tie to the Old Testament Bible
  • Ties to the Pineal gland
  • Conspiracy theories related to monoatomic gold


2+ hours.   $55