Valle di Latte Farm – CLOSED

On a one-hundred acre farm in the Southern Middle Tennessee Valley, about twelve miles north of the Alabama line, you’ll find us milking a small herd of sweet Jersey cows at daybreak, every morning.  These are not just your run-of-the-mill cows; they’re special to us. They each have a name, by which they answer (unless they are being especially ornery!). We know their needs, and we understand their quirks and personalities. They are loyal to us, and we are loyal in return. We don’t send them to the sale barn after milking them for three or four years, like most dairies do. We invest in their long-term health, and when they reach an age where their milk production drops significantly, we retire them from their job, and turn them out to pasture to live out the rest of their days.

We started with one jersey heifer, who we named Abby. Also known as “The Big A” or “The Queen”, Abby has taught us a lot about milking, and about a thousand things that can go wrong. She taught us patience and perseverence. She helped us step up our game and prepared us to take on more, to be more efficient, and more strategic. Managing a dairy herd is not as simple or romantic as it might sound.

During milking, we feed the cows a non-GMO ration. We occasionally sprinkle in some diatomaceous earth. We give them free-choice access to the reputed, organic Thorvin Kelp from Iceland.  We use natural, herbal, and homemade treatments to address the occasional small wound or raw sore, and proactively treat them with a homeopathic mastitis prevention product. We can testify that our pastures are organic, unsprayed and untreated with any pesticides or herbicides. We are crazy enough about their forage that we weed by hand so as not to taint the soil with poisons.

From quality milk comes quality cheese. Cheese is our passion. Quality milk is our commitment.

Valle di Latte Farm