Spring is in the…milk!

IMG_4044One look at our farm butter now, and you’d know that the pastures are greening up. With Spring comes more carotene in the grasses, and that translates into more golden milk. Raw butter changes from pale yellow to a beautiful deep gold.


The pasture fence expansion is really paying off now. Lots of room to rotate cows around, and new access to shaded areas for relief during warmer days.

As for the farm cattle “roundup”, here is where we are at:   We’re milking three Jerseys (Abby, Esther, and Rebekah) in the mornings, and bottle feeding Hannah-Banana’s little brother, Bubba, who was born to Bekah in mid-February.  Hannah is nearly old enough to breed, and she will be bred along with her mother, Bekah, in June. Abby’s heifer Jesse is bred, due in October. Buttercup has been sold to a dairy near Lynchburg, along with her pen mate Rosa, who was the last Holstein on this farm.  We’ve had some set backs getting our purebred, Tilly, bred, but are hoping to confirm a pregnancy within the next month. She is going to have a good long rest before calving again in January. Tilly’s last heifer calf, Tabitha, is doing fantastic and keeping company with the other fondly-named “teenagers” on the farm. She shares a pasture with Hannah, Ruby (from Abby), and Ponderosa.

Pictures to follow…


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