Purple is the new green

Winning Okra in the Middle Tennessee District Fair

We want to congratulate Herd Share Member Cecilia F. for her winning Okra entry in this year’s Middle Tennessee District Fair! Bringing home a blue ribbon and green cash prize, Cecilia shared some of this unusual okra with V.D.L. Farm.  What a surprise it was for us when the tender purple pods turned green as we sauteed them!

The variety she grew is actually called Bowling Red Okra. An heirloom variety grown by the Bowling family of Virginia for nearly one-hundred years now. I find the use of ‘red’ in the name amusing; reminds me of my similar contention over the naming of the purple-colored onions that we love to grow. Red? I once had a pair of pants the color of this okra, and it was called ‘eggplant’. I guess they could have also called it okra. Or onion.   🙂

Anyway, if you’ve never tried this ‘red’ okra, you should – it not only adds colorful interest to your recipes, but it has a mild pleasant flavor that can contend with any green okra you’ve tasted.  Congratulations Cecilia!!

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