Heirloom Baking

img_59141Baking bread by hand seems to be a lost art, an artisan skill that only a select few would ever take the time to embrace. Those who know me know that, aside from a passion for cheese making, bread making is something that I am fascinated with – constantly tweaking and revising recipes in search of the perfect whole-grain loaf.

This beautiful heirloom bowl and lid set was recently gifted to us by our friend and Herd Share member, Nancy. It was the bowl in which her paternal grandmother – and later Nancy, herself – made large batches of bread dough by hand.  I can only imagine the wonderful aroma that might have filled the room as loaves began to bake in a wood stove! Paired with fresh-churned butter, or perhaps figs and preserves, the warm bread might have been the only staple to look forward to during thin winters. I could be wrong, but my imagination delights in the charming idea of using this bowl set in preparation of many large family gatherings…


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