Labor Day


Most people I know make special plans Labor Day. Maybe fire up the grill, or put the boat in the water. But when you live on a farm, its business as usual. Cows still need to be milked. Equipment needs to be washed. Butter needs to be churned. Laundry has to be rotated. Supplies checked and restocked. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A hundred little things creep into each day, and prioritizing work becomes a critical skill to master.  Time management is crucial. Watching the clock becomes obsessive, and before I know it, I’m back out at the barn, milking again. Reset the clock. Start over. Finding an unexpected chunk of time can be such a welcome surprise! Okay, yes, I procrastinated over some other things that needed to get done – but that could wait 😉  – and the result was a delicious batch of homemade bagels. Soft and chewy, the perfect texture. Lightly toasted and paired with homemade cream cheese.  Not exactly cookout fare, but special indeed.




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