Lotsa Babies!

Right now, we’ve got four young calves on the farm. Our herd is growing!

Hannah, Bekah’s heifer calf, is now 6½ months old. She looks just like her mama, and is very lovable. She will grow up here on the farm, and join the milking herd when she is around 2 years old.

Hannibull Lector is Buttercup’s first calf. He is just over two months old, and is going to a new home this weekend. While he is Hannah’s best-good-buddy, we prefer to A.I. the ladies, for safety reasons, and we just can’t keep a bull around. It will be sad to see him go. 😦

IMG_5441Tabitha, Tilly’s first calf, is also a heifer. A purebred jersey, she is three weeks old today. She’s a real “bumper” when it comes to bottle-feeding, quite strong for the peanut that she is. Right now, we don’t have plans to keep her as our herd is at our target size. However, things change all the time around here…when she is two months old we will evaluate her future again. Meanwhile, she is great company for…



IMG_5531…her pen-mate, PandaRosa, born a week ago, to our very last Holstein heifer. Panda is a Holstein-Simmental cross, and won’t fit in as a milker in an all-jersey herd. We have another plan for her…





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